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"...and these three are one" 1 John 5:7 (the Comma Johanneum) has been is not found in any Greek manuscript before the 16th century.   See more...

Is Matthew 28:19 written today as it originally was, or has it indeed been changed to promote the trinity doctrine?  See more....

John 1:1 is a mistranslation of the original Greek text, and a surprising number of Bible translations verify this, along with some of the most credible koine Greek scholars..  ..  See more

Isaiah 9:6 is used by many to try to 'prove' that Jesus is God Almighty because it says that his name shall be called "mighty God". It also says his name shall be called "everlasting Father", yet trinitarians know that Jesus is not God the Father...


...some versions of the Septuagint, the Bible Jesus and his followers used, are completely different in this part of Isaiah than our modern bibles...   .See more

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these last days, but thank God for the writings of the apostle's of our Lord Jesus and for the teachings of our Lord Jesus himself, as passed on in the form of the New Testament sacred scriptures!!


Welcome! We have been baking and selling freshly ground and organic breads and baked goods for the public since 2011. Before then, Stephanie was baking bread for her family, originally with modern "wheat"....that is, until we learnt about the truth about modern wheat!


We bake with Einkorn, the original heirloom wheat that hasn't been hybridized. While gluten free or even grain free is the quite drastic route many are taking nowadays, because of the problems that modern, hybridized and genetically modified wheat and modern leavening has caused them, we believe that properly prepared grains, breads and sourdough have nourished many generations of healthy families across the globe and can continue to do so. It's simply a matter of proper preparation techniques. More here about why we bake with Einkorn!


All our baked goods are made with 100% freshly ground and freshly rolled organic whole grains. We grind the grains before baking which enables you to obtain the best of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the grains.


Our genuine sourdoughs, black breads and cultured breads are prepared and baked in the traditional way with long fermentation times and have no commercial yeast. They are delicious and unforgettable! These breads are suitable for vegans.


None of our baked goods contain white flour or white sugar. We use Einkorn, the original ancient wheat, which hasn't been hybridized and is not GMO!  Einkorn is much better for you than modern wheat, which has been hybridised many times and is helping to cause major health problems in people. Please see our page the truth about wheat for more information about Einkorn. 


When we bake our gluten free breads, we only use our own freshly ground flour mixes that we can also customise according to customers dietary requirements.  We  have an interesting selection of Gluten free bread and other GF items!

Current price list 2016


Freshly ground & organic

100% Einkorn sourdough

 2lb loaf: $15

1lb mini loaf $8



Dare to try our ultimately healthy and delicious freshly ground & organic 100% Einkorn sourdough! It is fermented for 24 hours which enables most of the gluten to be broken down in the grains. Evidence shows that the gluten is broken down to a level technically considered gluten free (around 12ppm). This is lower than the FDA stipulated level of 20 ppm of gluten for commercial gluten free bread labelling.We cite a study herewhich shows that:


. .."After 24 hours of fermentation, wheat gliadins and low molecular mass, alcohol soluble polypeptides were hydrolized almost totally. ".... These results showed that a bread biotechnology that uses selected lactobicilli, non toxic flours and a long fermentation time is a novel tool for decreasing the level of gluten intolerance in humans". 


Now, our sourdough isn't theirs. But we do ferment ours for 24 hours right after preparing the grains, and then we bake it. We don't recommend our bread to celiac patients because  everyone must test for themselves. But we are thrilled and confident that this combination of using the already lower gluten organic Einkorn, with this long natural fermentation sourdough very greatly reduces the potential problems! If only people would start eating wisely now, amking it a habit of life, before they develop gluten intolerance or celiac disease, we think that they wouldn't have to miss out on enjoying great bread!


More important reading: Can celiacs eat true sourdough bread?


Just as the souring process helps to increase the flavor of grains, it also helps to improve the availalability of trace minerals in those grains. Bread prepared by this method is also richer in folate and helps to deactivate naturally occurring antinutrients You can read more about the health benefits of traditional sourdough here!




Freshly ground & organic 100% Rye black bread

(genuine Swartzbrot)

 2lb loaf $14

1lb mini loaf $7


Our black bread is made with 100% freshly cracked organic rye with no added wheat. It is properly prepared and fermented for 18 - 24 hours. Real 100% Rye bread encourages  the growth of lactobilli, bifidobacteria and pediococci, (according to the information given here). As with our Einkorn sourdough, the long fermentation helps to break down the gluten in the flour


Freshly ground & organic

Einkorn baguettes

 5oz baguette $8



Our baguettes are made with our very own organic Einkorn sourdough starter, fermented for a few hours to make them chewy and delicious. Just 3 ingredients: flour, sea salt and water!




Freshly ground & organic Einkorn & Rye loaf

 2lb $12


Our Einkorn and rye loaves are made with our own sourdough starter, freshly ground organic flours and a long fermentation time.


100% Einkorn sourdough pizza crust

 10oz crust $8


Our Einkorn sourdough pizza crusts can transform your pizza experience! They are fermented for around 10-12 hours to enable some of the rich health benefits while keeping some of the chewiness for a very delicious crust!




Einkorn banana nut bread

2lb loaf $12

9oz mini loaf $7



Light, fluffy and made with freshly cultured milk kefir.


 Einkorn cookies

 Skillet $25

Wedges: $3

 Raisin oatmeal, Ginger spice,

High energy raisin,Choc chip


 Our freshly ground Einkorn cookies are baked in a cast iron skillet for a nice crispy and chewy texture.




Einkorn English Scone

 Skillet $20

Wedge $4


Our English scones are made with 100% freshly ground & organic Einkorn flour. Our milk kefir to help to raise the bread which also makes it moist and delicious!




Cinnamon raisin Einkorn bread

& Cranberry pecan Einkorn bread

 2lb loaf $15

9oz mini $8



Delicious and healthy: fermented for 10-12 hours to help to break phytate acid and lectins. For more interesting reading about lectins, see our page the truth about wheat.




Freshly rolled & organic

gluten free granolas

 1lb bags $9:





Cinnamon raisin

Cranberry pecan

Coconut bliss

Lemon pistachio

Almond granola with no sugar or sweetener

Mocha nut

Chocolate chia


Plus our original Gourmet granola with Einkorn flakes


We freshly roll our organic oats to make our very special ODBB granolas. Freshly rolled oats are so much better for you than the oatmeal that you find in the stores because they are raw and have not had time to oxidize and lose their nutrition.





Freshly rolled & organic

gluten free muesli

1lb bag $8





Original Swiss muesli

Cinnamon peach & pear muesli

Mocha nut Muesli


This muesli is completely raw and made with freshly rolled & organic oats, dried fruit and no added sugar unless requested in a  special order. 



Freshly ground & organic

Spelt sourdough

2lb loaf $14


We are pleased to be able to offer a range of breads made with this wonderful ancient grain, which is reportedly higher in protein than modern wheat!


We will continue to acknowledge and use Einkorn as always being far superior over all the wheats, but we we have recognised that organic Spelt may be of interest to people who would like to try another ancient grain bread, prepared in the traditional way, with natural leavening. Our Spelt sourdough also has a long fermentation to enable the gluten to be largely broken down, as in our Einkorn sourdoughs. Try it!



 Gluten free items




Sandwich bread 2lb $12

Crusty boule (1lb) $7

 French bread/baguette (1lb) $7

 Croutons & Stuffing mix (1c) $3

 Freshly rolled Granola $9

Muesli (1lb) $8

 Buttermilk Biscuits (bag of 5) $6 

English bread pudding $7

Banana nut bread mini loaf (1lb)$7

Carrot cake mini loaf $7, mini cake $4

 Choc chip , Ginger spice and Oatmeal raisin cookies (2) $4


We can custom make these according to customers special requests or needs. All our Gluten free breads and baked goods are made with freshly ground & organic grains.





Come and visit us at the Palafox market, Pensacola, FL if you are in the area. We are able to mail bread and other items too (in FL only). Email for details.

Palafox farmers market 2014




The market is open every Saturday, rain or shine, from 9am - 2pm


Location is Martin Luther KingJr. Plaza on N. Palafox Street, between Wright Street and Garden Street.




Gulf Breeze farmers market 2015

We are also at the Market in the breeze in Gulf Breeze proper, FL. We are there usually the 1st Tuesday of the month. 


Location is Shoreline Drive (by community center)

Time: 4pm until 8pm.





You can pre-order any item on our current list to pick up at either market. We also sell Kombucha SCOBY ($5) and live milk Kefir grains, ($7) and we include a mini lesson and instructions to get you started!  Read more about the benefits of Kombucha and Kefir here.




Questions and answers about our baked products:


Q. Where do we get our flours?

A. We only use flours that we ourselves have freshly ground, therefore you get 100% of the wholegrain in your product with nothing taken out or added in.


Q. Do we use commercial flour mixes?

A. No. We custom make our own flour mixes which helps us to bake the best breads according to the recipe and needs of customers.


Q.Do we use any other wheat apart from Einkorn?

A. We have chosen to use mainly organic Einkorn, but we will be using organic Spelt as well, for various different breads in addition to Einkorn, but never a substitute for it.


Q. Is Einkorn the only unhybridized wheat?

A. Yes! Einkorn wheat (T.monococcum) is diploid (AA, 2complements of 7 chromosones). Most tetraploid wheats (ie: emmers and durum wheat) are derived from wild emmerT. dicoccoides. Wild emmer is itself the result of a hybridization between two diploid wild grasses,


Wild emmer is itself the result of a hybridization between two diploid wild grasses, T.uratu and a wild goatgrass such as Aegilops or Ae. speltoides. The unknown grass has never been identified among now surviving wild grasses, but the closest living relative is Aegilops speltoides. The hybridization that former wild emmer (AABB), occurred in the wild, long before domestication, and was driven by natural selection. Hexaploid wheats evolved in farmers fields. Either domesticated emmer or durum wheat hybridized with yet another wild diploid grass (Aegilops tauschii) to make the hexaploid wheats, spelt wheat and bread wheat. These have three sets of paired chromosones, three times as many as in diploid wheat (Wikipedia)


Q. Why don't we sprout our grains?

A. We have found some information that suggests that sprouting grains is not necessarily as healthy as we have been told. The sprouts of grains such as wheat, maize and rye are increasingly being consumed as health foods,and are also used for the production of dietary supplements. However, sprouted wheat (using modern wheat I suspect) actually has been found to contain the highest amounts of wheat lectin (WGA) - which is responsible for many of wheat's ill health effects!  These sprouts (wheat, maize and rye) also contain benzoxazinoids (BAs) Benzoxazinoids are part of the plant's defense system against pests and are actually toxic components...


A study from 2007, published in the journal Cancer letters, investigated the mutagenic activities of the two most abundant BA's in these sprouted grains genetic material. Both types of BA were found to be mutagens, meaning capable of altering genetic material, and both were also found to be aneugenic, meaning they affect cell division and lead to aneuploidy, an incorrect number of chromosones. "This is an interesting observation as it is assumed that aneuploidy is a key event in cancer induction and at present no other aneugenic plant derived substances of dietary relevance are known" the authors wrote...I think it may be risky to claim that sprouted grains are outright toxic when ingested. That's probably not exactly the case. There may be mitigating factors incolved, as there often are when you're dealing with a whole food. See here for the full articl


Q. Are any of your products vegan?

A. yes, our sourdoughs, rustic rye breads and granolas are all suitable for vegans.


Q. Do we use commercial yeast in any of our breads?

A. Yes, we use dried yeast in the cinnamon raisin and cranberry pecan breads and also in the Einkorn Rye and Gluten free breads. Q.


Q. Do we use any preservatives in our baked goods?

A. No, not as a general rule but we do use a little xanthum gum in a few of the gluten free  breads which for some may considered a kind of preservative.


Q. Do we use iodised salt?

A. No, we only use sea salt.


Q. Do any of your products contain corn?

A. No, we do not include corn products or corn derivites in our baked goods.


Q What kind of sugar do you use?

A. We don't use white sugar. We use organic evaporated cane juice whenever sugar is called for in recipes


Q. Do you have any baked goods without sugar or sweeteners?

A. Yes, we have a freshly rolled granola without any sugar or sweetner (Almond granola) and we all our sourdoughs and rye black bread have no sugar or sweetener.

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