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Welcome to Heiden Tree Services, Inc


Heiden tree services Inc is a first rate tree trimming and removals business where our goal is to please the Lord Jesus and our customers. We do have some of the best customers in the world. Our customers are guaranteed satisfaction and can be confident in our honesty, hard work and trustworthiness.

Since 1994, we have been accumulating a large number of the best customers around and the reviews speak for excellence of our work, honesty and overall customer satisfaction. 

Meet the team! (Of course the Lord Jesus is the greatest asset of our team and business, helping us and blessing our customers in innumerable ways...) 

Michael Mayo

Founder of Yeshua Tree services, Inc

Michael is the backbone of our company. Michael has been with Heiden Services since 2008, thank God! He is a man of unparallelled integrity,diligence initiative, and genuine,consistent eagerness to please. Michael's mastery of the tree business has catapulted our buisness capacity and profits in a quantum leap. He has become quite a competent and able craftsman, skilled and prepared for a great variety of spontaneous tasks. His goal is to get the job done right the first time, and he's consummate at working with our customers to try to please them as much as is practically possible.


Michael's new bucket truck is especially advantageous! He is completey trustworthy, and fully represents Heiden Services, Inc. We stand with and behind him in every way. He is a true God send. 

Roger Giles

Founder of Lightning Tree Services, Inc

Roger has recently joined our team and we are very thankful for the amazing skills that he brings to the company. His tree climbing and ground work skills combined with his ability to work effectively in a team has been a big blessing to us! Roger has a big heart and has earned our trust. 



Tom Heiden

Founder of Heiden Tree services, Inc

As the chief bottle washer, Tom works both in the field (occasionally

as a Groundie helper whenever Michael is not running things by himself, as he often

does), and manages much of the company's administrative requirements. He tries to employ his God given gifts and experience to contribute to our team's overall goals. God's grace towards him has set the pace for much of the company's successes over the years!


Tom has always sought to devote our company to the Lord and has encouraged each member to employ their gifts fully as the Lord leads and enables..

Stephanie Heiden

Stephanie Heiden is our imported secretary and quite the industrious hinge pin of Heiden Services. Her British accent gives customers who call us the opportunity to recognize that we just may have a little 'class' here at Heiden Tree Services. She was the pioneering financeer of this business, and has continued to be a huge contributor financially. 

While being a full time mother and homeschooling Joshua, and singlehandedly running the "Our Daily Bread Bakery" at the Palafox Farmer's Market, she also serves as our on call, versatile engineer at any given time. She also serves as General Go-for, chauffeur,  and occasionally as a scapegoat when convenient. She keeps us going with wonderful cooking if she gets the time and is a ticketing specialist for United Airlines, the best airline in the world (in my opinion). A true disciple of the Lord herself, she is also of unimpeachable integrity and greatly growing in godly character, we sincerely love and thank God for her!!

Seeking honest dependable ground workers. 

Please call Michael at 850 2924706

See us in action! 

Michael's tree trimming



We are glad to encourage to keep any tree that can stay but when its gotta go, its gotta go!