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"...and these three are one" 1 John 5:7 (the Comma Johanneum) has been is not found in any Greek manuscript before the 16th century.   See more...

Is Matthew 28:19 written today as it originally was, or has it indeed been changed to promote the trinity doctrine?  See more....

John 1:1 is a mistranslation of the original Greek text, and a surprising number of Bible translations verify this, along with some of the most credible koine Greek scholars..  ..  See more

Isaiah 9:6 is used by many to try to 'prove' that Jesus is God Almighty because it says that his name shall be called "mighty God". It also says his name shall be called "everlasting Father", yet trinitarians know that Jesus is not God the Father...


...some versions of the Septuagint, the Bible Jesus and his followers used, are completely different in this part of Isaiah than our modern bibles...   .See more

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these last days, but thank God for the writings of the apostle's of our Lord Jesus and for the teachings of our Lord Jesus himself, as passed on in the form of the New Testament sacred scriptures!!


Tom's Blog:  Christmas 2016 Disaster planned to vilify Christians? 

I have long been expecting a tragic Christmas time and it looks like this year may be it. We may very well look back on Christmas time 2015 as being the last traditional "normal" Christmas time, sad to say. 


Those who know us know I have been foreseeing the coming planned fracturing of the Republican Party in the USA and a manufactured civil war. Even though nothing has come of the first attempts at a recount for the presidential election, it seems probable to me that the new intelligence information (proof that the Russians hacked our election system to help Donald Trump to win the 2016 election, reported to  soon be shared with the electoral college representatives will be said to be so significant that it will demand a recount. It will not surprise me if a nationwide recount actually happens before Christmas, where Hillary Clinton will seem to be certain to "win", leaving a very disgruntled and indignant bunch of Trumpites, who will already have a functioning government cabinet formed (all in time for a protracted civil war?). This would then set the stage I have been screaming about for a long time, in Facebook posts and to all who will listen, for a group of radical (crazy) fundamentalist Christian extremists or Tea Party members to strike with some sort of coup or military strikes in the name of saving the USA for Jesus. This is all that would be necessary to destroy the holiday like the "Grinch who stole Christmas" and set into motion the worst succession of unfolding economic horrors and civil war this nation has ever imagined, all to be blamed on Christians and Jesus. With Christians and Christmas villified forever, it would be the perfect time for the "Real Santa Claus" to be revealed, to eventually take the place of "Christmas", to fill the vacuum left by the hatred that would become directed against all Christians because of the shocking severity of consequences that will be so sore that no one will ever want to hear anything about Christmas ever again. They may, however, come to celebrate this new hero as the new Christmas celebration.