Church of Pensacola
Church of Pensacola

We at the Church of Pensacola are privileged to be part of the remnant of the few saints of God who are not participating in the Great Falling Away of these last days. 



We are part of the few believers who have come out from the world and the corrupted church system of pleasing man and loving money, of the true disciples of the real Lord Jesus Christ, Messiah Yeshua, scattered throughout the world, who teach the truth about the real Jesus. 



You will find more of us in the poorer countries where poverty and persecution is more prevalent...... but it is growing greatly in the USA and will break out much worse soon. The Bible says God has chosen the poor in the things of this world to be rich in faith.





We are a very small group that meet here in our home regularly, often daily, and specifically we regularly assemble together on the first day of the week with any other sincere believers who seem to love and be searching for the truth according to The true Faith, The Way, the real church of the Real Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God.




We have an evening fellowship time together when we, like the early church, devote ourselves to the apostle's doctrine (the Bible from the perspective of the New Testament apostolic teachings), the fellowship, the breaking of bread (eating our meal together unto the Lord), and to effectual prayer.



Most people enjoy a free meal or snack and some folks will endure reading some scriptures, but very few want to spend any real time in active, outloud praying. And very few 'believers in Jesus' actually know the Lord according to the true knowlege about the Lord from the scriptures. That is because very few people who think they 'believe' in Jesus have actually really repented from their sins and most are not living on the "straight and narrow way" that only the "few" find.


It seems that to most, there appears to be many more social opportunities and things they are looking for in a large, established local church with lots of people.


Most are looking for more than the Lord and many "go to church" for a combination of reasons.....

They want to "go to Heaven when they die" (a misunderstanding anyway) or they want to find easier possibilities to ascend to a 'ministry position', or they want to get some help from someone in the congregation in gaining employment (or a better job), a girlfriend/wife or husband, more friends, financial help, or to maintain their status in the community/ their family, etc.


We do not even take up a collection (unless someone who has a large family has travelled from far away and needs help with gasoline), yet we do not offer any of the glitz, glamour, or entertainment that many of the traditional denominational churches often do. We only have the real Jesus Christ, His cross, and His resurrection life and real peace and joy!



We have a small business whereby we earn our own food and living, where we do tree work, fences and gates and rennovations on mainly residential and a few occasional commercial buildings. 


My wife Stephanie is the greatest blessing God has given me in this world (apart from the gift of the Holy Spirit!). God has been doing wonderful things in her life. She works hard homeschooling our son Joshua, managing our home, and baking a great many wonderful culinary delights including lots of loaves of freshly ground & organic breads, including Einkorn sourdough, granola and such, to sell at the local Farmer's Market almost every Saturday of the year. 


Much to share about her and our brother Michael Mayo, who is a fellow worker in the Lord, much better than a favorite son to me as well, a true brother in the true faith. Hopefully you get the opportunity to meet them. They are a testimony to what the real God, the real Lord Jesus, and the truth about Jesus can do in our lives, "living epistles" for all to know and see and read.


And Joshua, our 16 yr. old son, is learning in homeschool and also learning to honor and respect and obey his parents so he can hopefully learn to obey and serve the Lord better. He is learning to paint, to wash dishes, to mow the grass and to read the scriptures... He is a very big blessing to us all in many ways...


We hope each one who reads anything concerning us will be challenged and enlightened to the extremely great urgency of seeking the True and Living God Almighty, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God Himself. We urge each person to repent from your sins and to make sure to be reading the New Testament to get to know the truth, to fast and pray to be able to come to know the real Lord Jesus, and to learn how to pray outloud, to be baptized and to pray for and receive the precious gift of the Holy Spirit!!


We pray that many will stop any vain wasting of their lives watching or playing godless entertainments, and that we will each strive to make every effort to make our own calling and election sure. We urge everyone to fast and pray to seek God by seeking God's truth from the Holy Scriptures, to seek 'His face', repent from their sins and be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


We are easily available for contact at 850 698 6248. We are a part of the Last Days' restoration of the true Faith, The Way, the real church of the real Jesus Christ who so many claim but so few know, follow, love and obey! We are no denomination but only genuine followers of the Son of God, who is the exact image and likeness of the Invisible God, who is God the Father.


This is primarily a site for those who want to listen to and learn from and get to know the truth about the real Lord Jesus Christ, the son of God. Most already think they know and have not at all learned to become true disciples, nor have they even noticed that that so many are either living godless lives or actually becoming confirmed hypocrites. Most don't seem to mind being slaves to their sins at all as they comfort themselves in their false delusions that are so powerfully deceptive in these last days before Jesus returns. Being deceived and hypocrisy is what others do, not them. Yet one day most will wish they could live their lives all over again, and this time to make sure to love God with all their hearts, and God's people the true Christians as they were commanded, but there will not be a second chance. Wake up and repent now! Please seek God for the grace to wake up and see the light Read a modern language New Testament, keep it up daily,  praying outloud for God's help!




(These are not the only things we believe, but this is reportedly the most ancient form we know of THE APOSTLE'S CREED, according to, although we are not necessarily commending this website or these people).  


1. We believe in God Almighty
2. And in Christ Jesus His only son our Lord

3. Who was born of the Holy Ghost and the virgin Mary
4. Who was crucified under Pontius Pilate, and buried
5. And the third day rose from the dead
6. Who ascended into heaven
7. And sits on the right hand of the Father
8. From where he shall come to judge the living and the dead
9. And in the Holy Ghost,
10. The holy church,
11. The forgiveness of sins,
12. The resurrection of the body,
13. The life everlasting. (this last point is missing in some versions of the original)


Below are some of our main sections...good reading!

The crucial importance of praying
Read about the real Lord Jesus
Healthy eating
Teaching about righteousness
False teachings versus the Truth!
Life changing songs and videos
Living in community with true saints
Elementary teachings about the doctrine of Christ


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Please note that we are not giving any kind of blanket commendation, nor do we necessarily ascribe to any doctrinal stand of anyone we may quote on this website, or any music group or video preacher, etc. We may be only commending some major aspect of that particular truth, song or teaching we are promoting at the time. Sadly, we can commend very few in these last days, but thank God for the writings of the apostle's of our Lord Jesus and for the teachings of our Lord Jesus himself, as passed on in the form of the New Testament sacred scriptures!!


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