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"...and these three are one" 1 John 5:7 (the Comma Johanneum) has been is not found in any Greek manuscript before the 16th century.   See more...

Is Matthew 28:19 written today as it originally was, or has it indeed been changed to promote the trinity doctrine?  See more....

John 1:1 is a mistranslation of the original Greek text, and a surprising number of Bible translations verify this, along with some of the most credible koine Greek scholars..  ..  See more

Isaiah 9:6 is used by many to try to 'prove' that Jesus is God Almighty because it says that his name shall be called "mighty God". It also says his name shall be called "everlasting Father", yet trinitarians know that Jesus is not God the Father...


...some versions of the Septuagint, the Bible Jesus and his followers used, are completely different in this part of Isaiah than our modern bibles...   .See more

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these last days, but thank God for the writings of the apostle's of our Lord Jesus and for the teachings of our Lord Jesus himself, as passed on in the form of the New Testament sacred scriptures!!


This is one of the important issues so many churches halfway ignore. We saints of the Real Lord Jesus must address this issue out in the open, because we will not get anywhere in the true faith without embracing this aspect of Christ, and of The Holy Spirit. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, and we have been bought with the ultimately holy blood of God's Son, Jesus Christ, so we do not belong to ourselves, but to God, and we are to devote ourselves to Christ and to live for Him who died for us so that we will do everything unto Him. We live unto the Lord and we die unto the Lord. We belong to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to God.


We who have been baptized into union with Jesus Christ have died to sin with Him, and are alive to God in union with His new resurrection life. We are new people in Christ, and we are dead indeed to sin, crucified to this world and it to us by the cross of Jesus Christ. The first major church council, in Jerusalem, established that the Gentile believers must abstain from all sexual immorality, among a few other things, besides the obvious. It is an absolute spiritual law that the sexually immoral people will in no way inherit the Kingdom of God. Whoever sins sexually sins against their own body, and we will always reap what we have sown. We will be judged according to our deeds, and God has given us all time to repent of our sins. Let us make sure to live holy in our hearts and minds as well as in our bodies, for God has called us to be saved through the sanctification of the Spirit and through belief in the truth. This sanctification, this holiness to which we are called is the most thorough purity of mind as well as glorifying God in our bodies. Jesus said that if we do it in our heart and mind, it is the same as doing it. Our bodies were not designed for sexual immorality, but for the Lord. We will soon find our special purpose with Him when He returns, don't blow it by grabbing for what is not for you.

I finally learned as a thief, a great many years ago, thank God, that I do not at all want what is not mine. I have learned to be very thankful to receive and be thankful and content with all the immensity of what God in His very generous grace has in fact given to me, both now and in the future. God is very explicit that He will judge all such sins sternly, so let us learn to love one another properly instead of viewing others as merely objects for our personal animalistic sexual gratification. We also have finally learned to also be thankful for all that God has given us, and to not be trying to grab for any forbidden fruit that is not ours. We each have so much to be thankful for, and so much coming in the future not to mess it up by a lack of faith, love and thankfulness!

We cannot live pure lives if we are feasting our minds on lust and pornography on the TV and movies and commercials regularly either! Garbage in produces garbage out. We cannot gain control over our minds and bodies until we learn to fast and pray and seek God daily for His very sufficient grace to overcome each day.